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I have a diploma in computer science and I work as a software engineer for the Institute of Medical Informatics at the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen.

My main hobby is mathematics. In the course of the last few years I have investigated polar decompositions and Procrustes problems in indefinite scalar products. Beside doing my professional work, I have written a Ph.D. thesis on this topic at the TU Berlin. My supervisor was Prof. Dr. Peter Benner.

I am also interested in paleontology and I did a lot of painting and photography in former years. Furthermore, I like scuba diving very much. Just like dinosaurs sharks are highly fascinating to me. I find it deplorable that those creatures of paramount importance for the biological balance are being brutally slaughtered on a global scale nowadays.

From the following pages you can get an impression of some of my works. Hopefully, you may find something that matches your personal interest.

(Note: Please note that most of the pages have not been translated into English yet!)

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